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“Providing Excellent Relocation Services”

Backed by over 45 years of professional experience, we are well equipped to provide specialized packing for your fragile and valuable special care items. We transport pianos, whether upright, grand or baby grand are handled with proper transporting equipment. No service is too large or too small. Blanket wrap and/or shrink wrap provided when necessary to help avoid damage to your possessions. King's Men Movers can assure that you will receive professional, courteous and respectful customer service. Our experience helps us understand there is more to moving than just your belongings. We are also aware of the stress factor involved. To accommodate our customers, we walk you through the process from start to finish, making sure we pay attention to detail. We pack, load and deliver in a timely manner agreed upon by both parties. After your visual estimate, please be ready to provide us with the dates you have in mind for loading and delivering and details involved at origin and destination. Your information is important for an adequate price quote.

Moving House


King’s Men Movers is a full service, moving company that employs highly trained and experienced professional local movers  and drivers to ensure that you will receive the very best King’s Men Moving company experience. We ensure a high level of competence when handling your valuable furniture, antiques, heirlooms, and the works of art.



Our team of trained commercial movers understand how to relocate your office safely, efficiently, and at a competitive cost. Our trained personnel, experienced drivers and professional moving equipment, ensures that your office is moved with care.

King’s Men Movers understands that each office environment is unique. Anyone can move a box, but our professional commercial moving staff has the knowledge and experience to relocate sophisticated office furniture systems and sensitive industrial equipment.

A Few Things To Keep in Mind Before and During Your Move

1) Flammable and hazardous materials cannot be transported

2) We cannot transport pets

3) We reassemble any items we disassemble

4) We provide protection for floors and banisters if necessary at origin and/or destination

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